sobota, 30. marec 2013

Maintenance: Chrome warned of Malware ahead

Dear friends,

Yesterday, Ovca was unpleasantly surprised by her Chrome browser getting all fatherly on her, telling her that this site is unsafe as it contains links to malware distribution site.

As the Herd Manager, this job fell to me. The Google Webmaster Tools checked the site and it was clean. After checking the forums for stories of users with similar problems, I found a great and free online tool by Redleg that helps you find the link in your site that causes this problem. Thanks to him, Ovca's barn is now clean!

Our apologies to all of you that had problems accessing the site!

Have fun,

The Herd Manager

nedelja, 24. marec 2013

Rajalta - The Start at the Russian Border.

Rajalta Rajalle Hiihto, cross-country ski run, 444 km in 7 days across Finland from Russian to Swedish border.
Before one knows the full meaning of 444 km in temperatures between -20C to -37C.